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Lace Tint Spray 150ml

Lace Tint Spray 150ml


Lace Tint

Instead of applying makeup to conceal your lace, tint spray may be a better option. In the simplest terms, lace tint spray is a pigmented spray solution meant to make your lace wig blend in with your skin tone. Just spray (as many layers as you need), let it air dry, and slay the day.

If you commonly wear wigs, you know how important it is to use a quality lace tint spray. That’s why we put everything into creating our New UX Lace Tint Spray! It’s a water-based dye that will melt your lace away and perfectly match your skin tone. Our lace spray will make your wig look so natural that everyone will swear it’s your natural hair! 

– HONEY BLONDE   for light   to medium skin tones.

– GOLDEN CARMEL  for  medium to darker skin tones.